Digital-QA Service Quality Assessment System


The Digial-QA customer service quality assessment system is a software and hardware complex used to monitor the quality of services provided and determine the level of customer satisfaction.

Using the Digial-Q system will allow you to evaluate the quality of an employee's work, instantly receive notification of conflict situations and conduct marketing research.

The Digial-QA system allows you to create survey templates of any format, which allows you to monitor the quality of service for a wide range of parameters.

Features of the Digial-QA system:

  • Hardware and software module with the possibility of integration with the electronic queue management system Digial-Q
  • Any computer with touch input (tablet PC, stand-up terminal, stand, etc.) can be used as a hardware part of the quality assessment system.)
  • Simple and clear rating system
  • Centralized data collection
  • Attractive appearance of quality assessment templates

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