Electronic queue management system

Electronic queue management system

The Digial-Q electronic queue management system is a software and hardware complex developed by Science Solutions that allows you to manage, organize and distribute customer flows. Our solution works successfully in bank and mail offices, healthcare institutions, logistics centers, city administrations.

The implementation of an electronic queue allows the customer to:

  • streamline the reception of visitors and significantly speed up the service process;
  • provide the customer with accurate information about the number of people in the queue and the estimated waiting time, while reducing the likelihood of conflict situations;
  • improve working conditions for employees;
  • increase customer loyalty and improve the company's image;
  • get comprehensive statistics, such as: service time, waiting time, number of visitors who did not wait for service, etc.

How the electronic queue works:

electronic queue management

1. Terminal for registration. The visitor selects the desired menu item on the touch terminal, registers in the queue and receives a ticket with the queue number.

2. The electronic queue screen, where the queue movement information is updated, accompanied by an audible service signal.

3. Electronic queue display for notifying visitors about a call to a specialist.

4. Operator's console. On the computers of specialists, an electronic queue program is installed with the function of calling a visitor, where the serial number of the ticket in the service queue is displayed. Using the remote control, the operator calls the next customer, which is notified on the central board.

Advantages of the electronic queue system from Science Solutions:

1. Flexible pricing. We create our own hardware and develop our own software for it. This allows us to form the most favorable offers to our customers Full technical support of equipment and software while maintaining all the functionality and technical characteristics of the System.

2. Technical support. We provide full technical and software support for the equipment, as well as carry out comprehensive modernization of our own and third-party systems. Modernization of the equipment is carried out together with the update (revision) of the software, which allows for a unified development of the systems.

3. Quality and safety. Our certified products meet high quality standards and comply with the technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union.

Electronic queue management system

The electronic queue may include various systems:

  • sound recording in the “operator-client " format (unique microphone);
  • video recording with the ability to broadcast information and output it to the control panel (complex of IP cameras);
  • media content management with the ability to work with most modern video formats and containers;
  • pre-registration (offline registration, registration via the website, registration via the system administrator);
  • service quality assessment (can be implemented as an independent solution, or be an integral part of the Digial-Q SLA);
  • analytics and statistical reporting services.

service quality assessment

The Digial-Q electronic queue is a set of software modules and electronic equipment with the possibility of flexible integration into any business model.

Thanks to the single centralized platform, the customer is able to manage the Digital-Q system within a single business logic and service standards, which is ideal for companies with a network of branches. I.e., you can manage the system settings from the central office, reducing the likelihood of human impact on the service process in the field.

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